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Swiss Solidarity in 2014: 46.6 Million Francs for 175 Projects

Last year, Swiss Solidarity funded 175 projects to the tune of 46.6 million Swiss francs, thereby helping several million people in Switzerland and abroad. According to the organisation’s recently released 2014 annual report, the foundation raised over 22 million francs specifically for victims and refugees of the Syrian conflict, populations fleeing other conflicts, and victims of flooding in the Balkans. With transparency as its watchword, the year was marked by an impact study which enabled the organisation to take lessons from the humanitarian work carried out in the decade since the tsunami devastated parts of Southeast Asia, and by the publication of a report on the foundation’s response to the earthquake in Haiti.

The projects of partner NGOs funded by Swiss Solidarity in 2014 benefited millions of victims of conflicts (Syria, Iraq, Gaza, the Central African Republic, South Sudan) and natural disasters (East Africa, the Balkans, Switzerland). Children living in slums or urgent situations were supported through 36 projects aimed at improving their health, education and safety. Funds were also used to continue reconstruction in the Philippines and Pakistan.

Donations of 22 million francs
Swiss Solidarity raised funds for people in situations of chronic urgency, such as Syrian refugees and displaced people over the world. Swiss Solidarity raised over 22 million francs for this purpose.

Watchword: Transparency
Ten years after a devastating tsunami hit Southeast Asia, Swiss Solidarity mandated a number of independent experts to conduct the largest impact study ever in the area of humanitarian assistance. The organisation also analysed the approach it took in Haiti in the wake of the earthquake. “The foundation expects to draw lessons to improve our intervention on the ground,” said Swiss Solidarity’s director, Tony Burgener. “In the interests of transparency, for the benefit of donors and beneficiaries, the two reports were published in their entirety.”

New visual identity
The organisation was founded on the values of solidarity which define the Swiss people. In a 2014 survey, over 90% of respondents considered solidarity and humanitarianism as two of the country’s most fundamental of values. In response, Swiss Solidarity created a new visual identity last year, along with a new logo and the French slogan La Suisse solidaire, both of which embody the team spirit of the Swiss.

Victims of forced welfare measures
Since 2014, Swiss Solidarity has been administering, on behalf of the Federal Office of Justice (FOJ), the immediate assistance fund for victims of forced welfare measures and out-of-home placements. Of the 450 requests already examined, 373 have led to financial allocations totalling 2.9 million francs, representing an average payment of 7,791 francs per victim.

Operating expenses covered
Swiss Solidarity’s 2014 operating expenses totalled 3,521,799 francs, which were covered in their entirety by revenues generated through the organisation’s investments. A 900,000 franc surplus was posted to the operational reserve.