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For over a year, Sudan has been devastated by a deadly conflict that has plunged the region into one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises on record. Faced with this alarming situation, Swiss Solidarity is launching an urgent appeal for solidarity to step up its aid in Sudan and the region.

The deadly war raging in Sudan has caused the world’s largest internal population displacement and one the worst food crises ever witnessed. More than 9.2 million people, including 4 million children, have had to flee their homes, and 18 million people – almost half the population – are facing famine.

Swiss Solidarity’s partner NGOs are active in the region, providing vital humanitarian aid in Sudan, Chad and South Sudan. More specifically, they are providing access to healthcare, food, drinking water and psychosocial support. Swiss Solidarity (SwS) is appealing for solidarity so that it can step up its aid and further alleviate the suffering endured by thousands of women, children and men in Sudan and in neighbouring countries where they have had to flee.

A forgotten humanitarian crisis

Since April 2023, the people of Sudan have been trapped by a conflict between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF). Reports from the UN and other organisations have described serious violations of international humanitarian law, in particular sexual violence, the deliberate targeting of civilians, the recruitment of child soldiers and systematic looting. The population is suffering from a critical lack of food, drinking water and medical care. A food crisis is threatening 40% of the population, posing an imminent risk of famine. Access to healthcare is extremely limited, with 80% of hospitals no longer operational. The main victims of the conflict are young children and pregnant and nursing women. Currently, 24.8 million people are in urgent need of humanitarian aid.

As Miren Bengoa, director of Swiss Solidarity, points out:

“Sudan must not be forgotten. While other crises make daily headlines, the suffering that the Sudanese people are enduring is indescribable and the humanitarian needs are immense. Our solidarity is urgent and vital for millions of women and children”.

A regional crisis

The conflict raging in Sudan is devastating the region. The massive influx of refugees into Sudan’s already fragile neighbouring countries is exacerbating the region’s security, food and climate challenges, making humanitarian aid even more crucial. Since the crisis began, Swiss Solidarity has been carrying out humanitarian projects not only in Sudan, but also in South Sudan. The crisis unfolding in the region can be averted, but doing so requires urgent action to provide an immediate response.

Humanitarian actions supported by Swiss Solidarity

Through its Swiss partner NGOs Caritas, Medair and Vétérinaires sans frontières, Swiss Solidarity is already supporting six humanitarian projects with a total of CHF 1.8 million from its emergency fund. SwS’s aid is focused on the regions of Sudan directly affected by the conflict, and on South Sudan, where many Sudanese have had to flee. Aid priorities include providing access to medical care, food, drinking water and sanitation. Swiss Solidarity’s partner NGOs are also providing financial and psychosocial support to families displaced by the war, with a particular focus on children and pregnant or nursing women.

Appeal for solidarity and donations

Swiss Solidarity is calling on the Swiss population to help those affected by this conflict and helping to mitigate the dramatic consequences of the violence. Donations will make it possible for SwS’s partners on the ground to provide emergency aid, including food, drinking water, medical care and other necessities. Humanitarian aid must urgently be stepped up to spare the local population from the worst imaginable outcome. If nothing is done, the lives of hundreds of thousands of children will be threatened by famine.

Donations to Swiss Solidarity can be made via the website or at any post office counter with the mention “Sudan Humanitarian Crisis”.