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A new visual identity for the Swiss Solidarity Foundation

The Swiss Solidarity Foundation is understood as the expression of the solidarity of the people of Switzerland. Today, it wishes to communicate more directly its values and thus is acquiring a new visual identity with a sleeker, more modern logo.

“Swiss Solidarity translates into hundreds of thousands of donors, with more than 1.5 billion Swiss Francs donated to the Swiss Solidarity Foundation, with 25 NGO partners and their field staff, with an exclusive partnership with the SSR and all the media that report on information about disasters and the needs of victims” explains Tony Burgener, director of Swiss Solidarity.

The solidarity experienced by the Foundation reaches throughout Switzerland. “The solidarity experienced by Swiss Solidarity is unifying. During the collection days it musters all the inhabitants of the country, men and women, young and old, rich and not so rich, living in cities or in the country, of left and right political leaning”, says T. Burgener.

Communication Campaign
Swiss Solidarity is now more actively seeking to heighten public awareness by the Swiss population and in particular by young people, of the notion of solidarity as embodied by the Foundation. The first steps will be taken on 12 June:

I. #solfie
In collaboration with the media “20 Minuten” et “20 minutes”, Swiss Solidarity is launching the “Solfie” competition. A “solfie” is a digital self-portrait – a selfie – which portrays an image or a gesture of solidarity, shared on social networks with the hashtag #solfie.

II. Campaign visual
The campaign is based on a visual broadcast across various media, networks and partner sites.

III. Campaign website
At the centre of the awareness of the solidarity campaign a dedicated website will be available from the 12 June 2014 at the addresses:,, and This site will centralise all the information and actions of the Foundation and its partners around solidarity. It will also possess an aggregator of the #solfies found on most of the social networks.

IV. Personal quotations
In parallel with this contest, personalities from all over Switzerland will lend their image and their definition of solidarity to promote solidarity through quotations which will be directly available on our website and the social networks.

V. A mobile application for making donations
Within the framework of this modernisation of the image of Swiss Solidarity, a mobile application is being launched. It is an integral tool for the Swiss people to make donations to the main collections of Swiss Solidarity and to keep abreast of news on aid projects and the use being made of the donations.

VI. A competition between the educational establishments specialising in communication
The inter-schools competition of the “GRAND Prix Romand de la Création” (2014 awards) is part of the awareness campaign especially targeting the youth. The winning project will be implemented by the Foundation this autumn.