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2017 Annual Report: CHF 62 million of aid thanks to Swiss Solidarity

Swiss Solidary approved 161 new projects by its partner organizations in Switzerland and abroad in 2017, as stated in the organisation’s annual report released today. In Switzerland, the foundation supported 3,954 young people in need and 17 projects relating to severe weather. A total of CHF 62,094,671 was spent on projects in 2017. The foundation received donations worth CHF 31.8 million.

In 2017 Swiss Solidarity received donations amounting to CHF 38.1 million to provide aid following a number of natural disasters. The famine in Africa in particular inspired the Swiss public to donate; a national fundraising day was held in April and over CHF 19 million was raised for its victims. The entire amount promptly went to a range of projects in Somalia, Nigeria and South Sudan. The fate of the Swiss village of Bondo, which suffered huge damage in a massive rockslide in August, also prompted the Swiss public to donate CHF 5.9 million.

2017 figures in brief

  • 161 new projects in Switzerland and abroad approved worth CHF 54,706,172
  • CHF 62,094,671 actual expenditure on projects in Switzerland and abroad: this money went both towards projects approved in 2017 and those which had been approved the previous year and were still ongoing.
  • The majority of the donated money went to projects abroad run by Caritas (CHF 10.7 million), Terre des hommes – Helping children worldwide (CHF 8.0 m), the Swiss Red Cross (CHF 5.8 m), Medair (CHF 4.9 m) and Doctors without Borders (CHF 4.1m).
  • Of the CHF 62 million, CHF 5.8 million was used to support projects in Switzerland, e.g. in social aid, helping young people in need, and assistance following severe weather.
  • Donations 2017: CHF 38,101,376. Main beneficiaries:
    • Famine in Africa: CHF 19,142,804
    • Bondo: CHF 5,893,621
    • Rohingya: CHF 4,019,033.
    • JRZ, CàC, OCC: CHF 3,871,640 (donations received until 31.12.2017)
  • Swiss Solidarity’s operating costs were CHF 3,769,747 in 2017. The financial result and income were not sufficient to cover the operating costs for the year. The shortfall was met in part from operating reserves (CHF 440,000) and in part from the extraordinary release of 2.5% of the Nepal fund.

Jeder Rappen zählt, Coeur à Coeur and Ogni centesimo conta

Following the success of the well-known German Swiss fundraising event Jeder Rappen zählt, in 2016 a French Swiss equivalent was held named Coeur à Coeur, and in 2017 Ogni centesimo conta followed suit in the Italian-speaking part of the country. Donation pledges of almost CHF 6.6 million were made for projects supporting children and young people in the field of education and vocational training in Switzerland and abroad.

Further developments at Swiss Solidarity

In 2017, Swiss Solidarity also developed strategically. In 2016, it drew up a foundation strategy for 2017 – 2020 and this was implemented with regard to a number of topics, for example moving away from providing one-off individual social assistance in Switzerland towards supporting long-term projects for young people in need. With the newly established innovation fund, Swiss Solidarity aims to promote innovative solutions in the logistical, technical and operational field. An innovation platform was launched to promote discussion of these solutions between the partner relief organizations. Furthermore, Swiss Solidarity’s new website meets the foundation’s aim of addressing donors directly and involving them more closely in its communication. On one fundraising day, Swiss Solidarity also worked together with influencers who knew how to better exploit the potential of social media.