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War in Yemen: National fundraising day on 28 March

On 28 March, Swiss Solidarity (SwS) will be holding a national day of solidarity for victims of the war in Yemen. The funds raised will support SwS’s partner NGOs which are providing assistance to the civilian population, who are suffering primarily from a lack of medical care and food. Special attention will be given to malnourished children.

In partnership with the SSR, Swiss Solidarity will be appealing for donations on the radio and television from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. with the support of regional radio stations and other media outlets. Celebrities will be taking pledges by phone and making calls for donations through social media by means of a kit. “The fact that this humanitarian disaster has had so little exposure in the media has made us even more determined to leverage their network of contacts to raise awareness among the entire population of Switzerland about the gravity of the situation on the ground,” explained Tony Burgener, Director of Swiss Solidarity. Despite peace talks held over the last few weeks, the humanitarian situation on the ground remains alarming.

One million francs already available

Swiss Solidarity has already made one million francs available to its partners, which are focusing on health-related needs. As only half the country’s hospitals are still open, SwS’s partners are treating the wounded in health centres and sometimes under tents set up close to conflict zones in order to render assistance as quickly as possible. These organisations are also assisting pregnant women and starving children; according to estimates, they number 1.8 million across the country. Projects funded by Swiss Solidarity will also provide the people of Yemen with access to food and cash assistance in areas where markets are still operating.

While working conditions are extremely challenging from a security standpoint, Swiss Solidarity’s partner NGOs, which include ADRA, Handicap International, Médecins sans Frontières and Save the Children are all taking the necessary measures to ensure that aid reaches the affected populations.


Donations for Yemen can already be made online at, by transfer to postal account 10-15000-6 (mention “Yemen”) or via TWINT. Swiss Solidarity payment slips are available at all post offices in Switzerland. Throughout the fundraising day, the public will be invited to donate by telephone on 0800 87 07 07.