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Swiss Solidarity and eight partner NGOs jointly appeal for donations for victims of Syria conflict

The dimensions of the Syria conflict and the plight and need it has triggered are placing extraordinary demands on humanitarian aid. Some 12 million people have been displaced since the armed conflict began. An exceptional answer to an exceptional situation: eight partner aid organizations are joining forces with Swiss Solidarity to help the victims, raise awareness and appeal for donations under the banner #TogetherForSyria.

The partner relief organizations ADRA, Caritas Switzerland, Handicap International, HEKS, Medair, the Swiss Red Cross, Solidar Suisse and Terre des hommes – Child Relief are all running emergency relief projects for the victims of the Syria conflict. Along with Swiss Solidarity, they attach great importance in not letting the victims down.

Swiss Solidarity donations have almost all been spent, and the foundation urgently needs more funds in order to continue funding its partners’ relief effort. The urgency of the situation and the extent of the humanitarian crisis have prompted them to launch a joint donation appeal for the first time in the history of Swiss Solidarity.

#Together for Syria
With the support of the SRG SSR media and partner aid organizations, Swiss Solidarity will appeal for donations with the #TogetherForSyria campaign. Over a ten-day period (from 26th April to 5th May 2015), the campaign will equally raise awareness and inform the Swiss population about the wide-ranging impact of the conflict.

Through digital media, #TogetherForSyria will also invite the population to express their solidarity with the victims of the conflict and refugees. #TogetherForSyria will ultimately be an appeal by all involved partners to political decision makers to commit to a political solution to the Syria conflict, as this is the only way of offering the millions of victims the chance of a better future.

Great solidarity and strong partners
Swiss Solidarity has been privileged to count on the solidarity and generosity of the Swiss population towards the victims of the conflict. 19.5 million francs have been donated so far, allowing the foundation to fund 47 projects run by 10 partner organizations. Swiss Solidarity and its partner NGOs are focusing on emergency relief, which in this context has been continuously ongoing since the beginning of the conflict. In addition to medical and psychosocial aid for the badly traumatized, Swiss Solidarity is also funding food aid and accommodation projects, with a preference for so-called “cash assistance” projects. These enable people to set their own priorities according to need and are therefore much more effective.

Overwhelming need
The armed conflict in Syria has been raging for more than four years, causing the displacement of more than 12 million people. Four million of these have fled Syria – one million in 2014 alone. Many have found refuge in neighbouring countries, which are now in turn stretched to the limits of their capacity to offer shelter. These people are highly reliant on external aid – because the longer the humanitarian crisis continues, the more precarious their situation becomes.