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15 September 2015: National day of solidarity with refugees

Swiss Solidarity helps thousands of refugees in countries bordering conflict-affected areas, as well as displaced people on their way to Europe. In conjunction with the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation SRG SSR, Swiss Solidarity is organising a national day of solidarity on 15 September. Donations will be used to buy food, medicine and clothing for refugees, while providing financial backing for drop-in centres offering psychological support and legal advice to war refugees.

Hundreds of volunteers working at call centres set up at the SRG SSR studios in Geneva, Chur, Lugano and Zurich will collect pledges by phone from 7 a.m. to midnight. All SRG SSR media outlets, as well as private radio stations across the country, will broadcast appeals for donations, along with regular updates on the amount of money collected and information about the work being carried out for refugees by Swiss Solidarity’s partners on the ground.

Over 4 million Swiss Francs raised
Since launching its fundraising campaign on 31 August 2015, Swiss Solidarity has raised over 4 million Swiss Francs Ten partner NGOs are delivering emergency relief in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. Other organisations are active along the Balkan route and in the Mediterranean countries. “We know we can count on the solidarity of the Swiss people,” said Director of Swiss Solidarity, Tony Burgener. “Over the past three years, we have provided help to half a million refugees in countries bordering Syria.”

Anyone wishing to donate before the national day of solidarity may do so online at‑, through the Swiss Solidarity app, or via postal account 10-15000-6 (mention “Refugees”).