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Refugee crisis: Swiss solidarity invokes the humanitarian imperative and appeals for donations

The already catastrophic refugee crisis is worsening each day, with millions fleeing their countries. Given the lack of political solutions, only humanitarian aid can help these people survive. “The Humanitarian imperative dictates that Switzerland, Swiss relief organizations and Swiss Solidarity have a duty to provide greater humanitarian aid to refugees heading to Europe. Innocent victims should not be sacrificed in the name of political impotence,” said Managing Director, Tony Burgener.

Swiss Solidarity is launching a 10-day appeal for donations to help refugees. Ten partner organizations have already moved into action, but they lack the funds to continue running existing projects and launch new ones. Donations can be made via postal account 10-15000-6 (mentioning “Refugees”), online at or via the Swiss Solidarity application.

On the road to Europe
Swiss Solidarity has so far been supporting its partner organisations on the ground in conflict-affected countries and in the neighbouring countries to which displaced populations have fled. In the meantime, some of our partner NGOs are cooperating with their network partners to help those fleeing in North Africa, Greece (Kos and Lesbos), Italy (Lampedusa) and more recently in Macedonia and Serbia. These organisations need funds to provide the emergency relief that is so vital to those fleeing their countries.

Support by the SRG SSR
The Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, SRG SSR, supports the Swiss Solidarity fundraising campaign. Radio and television stations throughout Switzerland’s four linguistic regions will be raising awareness and appealing for donations over a ten-day period. “The SRG SSR is very conscious of its social commitment and humanitarian duty and is dedicated to playing a long-term role,” said SRG SSR Director General Roger de Weck. Privately-owned radio stations across Switzerland are also broadcasting the appeal.

Swiss generosity
The Swiss population has demonstrated great generosity and solidarity with refugees in recent years, donating more than 23 million francs to help refugees of the Syrian conflict. The 2014 Jeder Rappen zählt (“every penny counts”) campaign raised some 7 million francs for displaced families. The majority of these funds have gone to relief projects run by 10 partner aid organizations in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. Also receiving support are projects in Mali, South Sudan, Niger and Pakistan. Emergency relief covers basic needs such as food, access to safe drinking water, clothing, shelter and medication.