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2018 annual report: CHF 37.2 million in aid in Switzerland and abroad

In 2018 Swiss Solidarity funded 238 aid projects in Switzerland and abroad to the tune of over CHF 37 million, helping around five million people in 39 countries in economic recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction. Over six million francs went towards 77 different projects in Switzerland. Donations totalling almost CHF 33 million were received.

In 2018 Swiss Solidarity funded 238 aid projects run by its partner NGOs in Switzerland and abroad at an amount of CHF 37,208,562. Around five million people in 39 countries received support in economic recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction. The donations that funded this aid came primarily from the 2018 appeals (Rohingya, floods in India and tsunami in Indonesia), although funds from former appeals were also drawn on, as the monies can be used to provide long-term support and such projects following natural disasters can often run for several years.

This also explains why the amount to provide aid in 2018 (over CHF 37 million) is higher than the amount raised (CHF 32,934,774) in the same year. Some of the money raised in the disaster appeals will also be used beyond 2018.

Focus on aid for children

In 2018 we focused on providing aid to children both in Switzerland and abroad. The children’s relief fund allowed the Swiss Solidarity foundation to fund 21 projects in 15 different countries, working with its partner NGOs to provide improved protection, health and education for more than 738,000 children.
In Switzerland, the money raised in the Jeder Rappen zählt (SRF), Coeur à Coeur (RTS) and Ogni centesimo conta (RSI) appeals went towards helping over 400 young people become better integrated socially and in the world of work. These appeals, like all the natural disaster appeals, were run in conjunction with SRG SSR and with the support of Swisscom.

Financial figures

In 2018 very poor financial markets, in particular in December, resulted in a financial result of minus CHF 1,460,176. The shortfall was met from Swiss Solidarity’s financial reserves.
The foundation’s operating costs were CHF 3,285,107, 13% less than in the previous year. These costs in the reporting year were met by retaining a maximum of 5% of the money raised in the large appeals and by releasing part of the operating reserves.

2018 figures in brief

– 123 new projects worth CHF 28,524,346 approved in Switzerland and abroad;

– CHF 37,208,562 expenditure on projects in Switzerland and abroad: this money went both towards projects approved in 2018 and those which had been approved the previous year and were still ongoing;

– Of the total of more than CHF 37.2 million spent, CHF 6,062,833 went towards 77 aid projects in Switzerland – for catastrophe relief in Bondo, to help victims of severe weather and to young people in need;

– Donations 2018: CHF 32,934,774 (including bequests)
Largest appeals:

  • Tsunami in Indonesia: CHF 13’648’479
  • Rohingya: CHF 7’689’693
  • Floods in India: : CHF 923’648
  • « Jeder Rappen zählt » (SRF), « Cœur à Cœur » (RTS) et « Ogni centesimo conta » (RSI): CHF 5’991’312 (donations received up to 31.12.2018).