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Women front and centre for Swiss Solidarity’s 250th appeal

From 12 to 19 September 2019, Swiss Solidarity (SwS) will hold its 250th appeal for donations for people in distress. This latest appeal ushers in a new era for the Foundation which, over the course of its 73-year history, has raised over 1.8 billion francs in donations and supported over 4,000 projects run by its Swiss and foreign partner NGOs. This emblematic appeal will enable SwS to assist women in forgotten crises.

“This unparalleled success is the result of the solidarity and exemplary generosity of the people of Switzerland, not to mention the support provided by the SSR and private media entities,” said Tony Burgener, Director of Swiss Solidarity, in reference to the foundation and the 1.8 billion francs it has raised over the years.

Swiss Solidarity will dedicate its 250th appeal to women who, during natural disasters and conflicts, are left to their own devices and must take on immense tasks to ensure cohesion and security at home and provide for their families. These women frequently face the threat of sexual harassment, rape, human trafficking and domestic violence.

Players in humanitarian aid

The appeal will focus on projects which put women in the lead role. These women are key players in humanitarian aid, whether restoring livelihoods, generating and managing revenues, creating and running training and education structures, or communicating and advocating for women’s rights.

Forgotten crises

Swiss Solidarity is known for mobilising when populations find their world turned upside down in the wake of major disasters. For its 250th appeal, SwS will focus on forgotten humanitarian crises which received little media coverage, in regions where our partner NGOs operate quality humanitarian projects whose existence is often completely unknown to the public. Swiss Solidarity will also help women in difficulty in Switzerland to find a better life.

Digital at the forefront

The 250th appeal will be an opportunity to highlight how far we have come. Looking toward the future, Swiss Solidarity will complement its invaluable collaboration with the SSR and the foundation’s private media partners by drawing extensively on digital technology for future appeals and payment methods. The possibilities offered by electronic donation methods, whether online on the foundation’s website (, via e-banking using postal account 10-15000-6, with Twint or social media, will hopefully lead to an outstanding appeal.