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  • Our media releases / 19.05.2016

    Annual report 2015: 73 million francs in donations and 102 aid projects

    The devastating earthquake in Nepal in spring and the escalating refugee crisis in autumn...

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  • Our media releases / 20.04.2016

    Nepal, one year after the earthquake Swiss Solidarity seeks to boost aid

    While a reconstruction period was launched by the government in January, bureaucratic hurdles...

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  • Our media releases / 08.09.2015

    15 September 2015: National day of solidarity with refugees

    Swiss Solidarity helps thousands of refugees in countries bordering conflict-affected areas, as...

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  • Our media releases / 31.08.2015

    Refugee crisis: Swiss solidarity invokes the humanitarian imperative and appeals for donations

    The already catastrophic refugee crisis is worsening each day, with millions fleeing their...

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  • Our media releases / 17.06.2015

    Swiss Solidarity in 2014: 46.6 Million Francs for 175 Projects

    Last year, Swiss Solidarity funded 175 projects to the tune of 46.6 million Swiss francs,...

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  • Our media releases / 26.04.2015

    Swiss Solidarity and eight partner NGOs jointly appeal for donations for victims of Syria conflict

    The dimensions of the Syria conflict and the plight and need it has triggered are placing...

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  • Our media releases / 08.01.2015

    Swiss Solidarity: providing sustainable humanitarian aid in Haiti

    Five years after an earthquake devastated a large portion of Haiti, Swiss Solidarity’s partner...

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  • Our media releases / 11.12.2014

    Impact Evaluation of Tsunami Aid: High Satisfaction and Important Insights

    The most extensive impact evaluation ever commissioned by Swiss Solidarity – and carried out...

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  • Our media releases / 10.09.2014

    Tsunami appeal 2004: 10 years on – an impact evaluation

    December 2014 will mark the tenth anniversary of the Asian seaquake. Swiss Solidarity is marking...

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  • Our media releases / 28.08.2014

    Crises in the Middle East: Swiss Solidarity appeals for donations

    The humanitarian situation in the crisis-hit regions of the Middle East – especially Gaza,...

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